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The 18th ISO/TC 265 Plenary Session

We brought together over 100 experts from more than 40 countries to discuss a critical [...]

Carbon Capture and Storage for Indonesia: A Campus Event ICCSC x PIS at Universitas Indonesia

  On July 16, 2024, the Indonesian Carbon Capture and Storage Center (ICCSC) organized a [...]



Indonesia to be the Pioneer of CCS in the Region:
 Collaboration in Maintaining Growth towards Low Emission Future

ICCSC propels Indonesia as a pioneer, a leader of CCS Hub in the region to [...]

Indonesia Affirms Commitment to Advancing Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) at the IICCS Forum 2023

In recent years, the global focus on mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions [...]

Indonesia Carbon Capture and Storage Center (ICCSC)

International and Indonesia CCS Forum 2023 as a Medium of Cooperation between CCS Operators, Industries, [...]

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